Tips: Clean your car with a broom vacuum cleaner

Maintain inside a car is a welfare case and that is why the big brands that produce appliances designed best car vacuum cleaners. Exactly, if you want to suck yourself with an upright vacuum cleaner, here are some tips to help you.

Start with seats

Whether in fabric, leather or plastic coated, always start with the seat in your car. To do this, go for the long nozzle to nozzle plate in order to access all the spaces between the seats as well as under plastic coatings.

Above all, do not forget anything and if necessary, do not hesitate to change the head of the vacuum cleaner brush to clean fabric. Of course, for this, it will take your upright vacuum cleaner is a handheld vacuum cleaner option or it has the right accessories, at least.

In all cases, always start with the seats of the car; it will motivate you a lot.

Remember the dashboard, doors and storage bins

Before starting this step, empty the doors and storage bins. Then, start your vacuum brush with a
flat nose or a long or car vacuum cleaner nozzle, start sucking dirt on the dashboard, in the doors and finally attack the storage bins.

Once you have completed this step, it will be easier to clean these surfaces with detergents designed for this purpose to get rid of bacteria and allergens. You will notice that the vacuuming greatly facilitates the final cleaning with detergent.

Finish with the car’s carpet

Finish cleaning the interior of your car with the carpet is simply logical and clever. Indeed, cleaning the seats and various storage compartments, it is quite possible that various residues fall to the ground.

For this, you do not need to change the head of your vacuum cleaner brush; its usual head will do nicely.

On the head of your auto vacuum cleaner, there is nothing to change, because this device has been designed for the car. It’ll suck the carpet of your car to the deep clean.

To clean your car, you can use your broom and all accessories of the vacuum cleaner, but you can also use a car vacuum cleaner. In both cases, our tips will help you definitely.

Suck your car: the upright vacuum cleaner is recommended?

It has been proven that the car is difficult to clean if you do not have the right equipment. Precisely, there are vacuums created especially for cars that are simply called: car vacuum cleaners. However, in the absence of car vacuum cleaner, can the upright vacuum cleaner do the trick?

Update on the car vacuum cleaner

The car vacuum cleaner, as the name suggests is an all designed vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of a car.

Therefore, it is portable, must be easy to handle, must have a good autonomy and must also have a tank of a certain capacity. Similarly, a good car vacuum cleaner should be plugged into the cigarette lighter and have a beak that allows it to reach difficult corners.

This type of vacuum cleaner is indispensable for the car to be a healthy place for all passengers and the market offers a wide range. In addition, there are several cleaning accessories accompanying the car vacuum cleaner.

Can I use the vacuum cleaner broom to my car?

As you already know, the upright vacuum is the ingenious combination of brush and vacuum cleaner. Therefore, it is a good compact, convenient, easy to use and maintain, but mostly it is an impressive efficiency unit.

Some brush cleaners are even equipped with accessories such as brushes, hand vacuums or sucking long to clean the furniture and also cars. You’ll understand the upright vacuum cleaner is not only used to clean the floors.

Thus, you can rely on your vacuum cleaner brush to thoroughly clean all areas difficult to access the inside of your vehicle.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner brush – car?

Now that you know a broom vacuum can suck your car as well as can make a fully dedicated to car vacuum cleaner, it is now a matter of choice.

However, use a car vacuum cleaner if you often move and you do not have time to do a thorough cleaning of your car. A fast and smooth passage of the car vacuum could then maintain cleanliness inside your car, especially since it allows being as a cigarette lighter to work if the battery is empty.


About charging the battery

The (lead-acid) batteries as we know it has been invented in the 19th century. It is a proved reliable power source. Maybe a bit clumsy, but mounted in a vehicle often counts less, and it is often the only primary source of electrical energy we need to take with us. Along the way, the charging circuit charges of our vehicle automatically to best car batteries.

But what if we want to charge a battery charging circuit without a car, motorcycle or boat? Whether we like the car battery during the winter in top condition. Keep? Maybe you have an older battery that can boost use.

In such cases, a battery charger that operates an outcome through mains. In this article, we elaborate on the operation of the charger and give you practical tips to make your battery in top condition and keep. You will see that behind battery charging again lies a whole world!

This document has been compiled with the utmost care. The author/publisher may, however, not exclude that errors are present in the text.

Batteries – Introduction

A battery is an indispensable energy source when, where no outlet is available, to use electrical equipment. In combination with a good inverter to 220v, you even exist anywhere an electrical outlet. The most common batteries give off a DC voltage of approximately 12 volts. In front of some applications, such as trucks or boats, there are 24-volt batteries. This article is based on a 12-volt battery. However, the principles outlined also apply to 24-volt batteries.

A battery is an energy reservoir. You can draw energy and boarding. Compare this with a bucket you fill with water. As long as you may not use the remains full (apart from a small leak or dripping faucet) and if you water bleeds he deflates. The effluent can give energy to which would be able to generate electricity.

A battery consists primarily of a combination of lead and acid and is therefore popularly called a lead (acid) battery. The lead plates hang in a container filled with sulfuric acid. A battery pack is made up of cells. One has single cell,

If charged, a voltage between the + and – connection of more than two volts. A 12-volt battery, therefore, consists of six of such cells which are connected to each other. A 24-volt battery is composed of 12 cells of 2 volts, of course, housed in a single enclosure.

The ideal battery meets the following criteria

-You Can not fill him

-All Energy that goes in there again can from

-The Energy can very quickly be taken out (for high power)

-You Can charge and discharge him endlessly

-Has no self-discharge

-Does not require any maintenance

It probably will not surprise you that this ideal can not be achieved. In an always strive to get right in the neighborhood, there are many different battery types, spoke, even more, brands. For serious mobile use, the battery falls off. A battery of a car designed to be able to supply a lot of current for a short period. This type of battery should not be too much discharged. There is therefore relatively little energy to be achieved. The difference with a vehicle battery is mainly the surface of the plates with lead in the battery. With increasing the size of the battery plates, the acid can easily penetrate the plates which increased current flow makes possible. The main feature of a battery is that this has vast and small plates. The battery is not suitable for cyclic loads (I.e., continually charging and discharging) in a 12/24 volt system to the feed lighting. A battery is relatively cheap.

There is the (semi) for mobile use traction battery. The semi traction battery, the most used for recreational purposes and is commonly referred to as a domestic battery. It is on a starter battery more expensive to buy, but much nicer to use. The battery can be discharged much deeper. In a gel battery the liquid lead acid trapped in a gel. This offers advantages such as a more deep discharge, low self-discharge and flexible mounting options. Over there is a high price tag in front as well as lower capacity about its weight than the liquid battery.

Which battery you have, make sure the battery pack never stays long time discharge. Battery, which type you have, do not find it useful to be removed. A discharged or “empty” battery pack is subject to formation of sulfate. This insoluble salt collects in the bottom of the battery and between the lead plates. Too much time dangerous charging condition worsens the sulfate formation and threatens the life of the battery. It accompanied with loss of capacity.

Have a battery used for a long time, charge it again completely on as soon as it possibly can. Also, a battery that long time is not used regularly should be recharged as it is subject to self-discharge. A typical, “wet”, the battery can be up to 10% of its charge per month spontaneously lose a good gel battery around 2%. The energy that can provide a battery is also dependent on the ambient temperature. This explains the well-known phenomenon of refusing starter batteries, which should not less than 80% of their capacity at least are discharged, in the winter.



10 basic questions before buying an embroidery machine industry

Before deciding on one brand or another industry embroidery machine, we recommend that you make to your future supplier the following questions:

  • What is the exact name of the manufacturer of this machine?
  • In that year began its activities the manufacturer of this machine?
  • What is included in the packaging machine?
  • Is that program included?
  • Include your machine a complete teaching in my premises?
  • The warranty gives me and is subject to other conditions?
  • What kind of after sales service is included with the machine?
  • Ask customer references who have already bought the machine and try to contact them to find out their level of satisfaction with the device
  • Can I guarantee a repurchase value of the device in the future?
  • This machine and fully complies fully experience the CE regulations for embroidery machines? And especially the protective strip wire and guard lever Grapple?

1. What is the exact name of the manufacturer of this machine?

When choosing the best embroidery machine, find out the name of the manufacturer of the device and do not be fooled by names that resemble each other. Sometimes the same manufacturer markets with similar names to confuse and avoid future liabilities.

2. In that year began its activities the manufacturer of this machine?

Avoid dealing with occasional manufacturers disappear in two days eluding this way any commitment to the customer and any future claim for damages, either for lack of supply of spare parts and warranty for defects in manufacturing.

3. What is included in the packaging machine?

Make sure you deliver exactly what you have purchased. Ask for a written list with the details and description of everything that will be provided with the machine.

4. Is that program included?

Know the name of the software that will deliver you, which has tools and features will give. Request a full demonstration and ask to see all the features and tools of the program.

5. Include your machine a complete teaching in my premises?

Formalize a comprehensive training program in their workshops on the operation of the device.

6. The warranty gives me and is subject to other conditions?

Be wary of companies offer warranty periods inexplicably higher than those established by law. Remember that all machinery for industrial use has a warranty that you may require without any constraints.

7. What kind of after sales service is included with the machine?

Know well the type and quality of duty that will offer, and above all the experience that can provide this business once the machine has paid. Buying a machine you can be negotiated in a day, but remember that you will have to work with that machine many years. Do not leave the future of your business in the hands of opportunists manufacturers.

8. Ask customer references who have already bought the machine and try to contact them to find out their level of satisfaction with the device.

Do not risk to be You first. Ask for references from customers who have purchased the same machine as you, and try to contact them directly to find out their satisfaction with the product. Remember that the future of your business can not leave it in inexpert hands. Try to find out which brand is chosen by modern embroiderers around the world when it comes to investing in industrial machinery embroidery. Look advanced embroiderers with years of experience in the field using the same machine and brand you are offering to you.

9. Can I guarantee a repurchase value of the device in the future?

The purchase of an industrial machine is also an investment. Therefore, find yourself repurchase price for the device model that is you buy.

10.This machine and fully complies fully experience the CE regulations for embroidery machines? And especially the protective strip wire and guard lever Grapple?

Remember that in Spain all machinery must comply with the European Standard CE. Any equipment that does not comply with these Regulations expressly prohibited from use in the European Community. Take special care with CE certification for two potentially dangerous parts for the machine operator such as the “Protector of the strip lever threads” and “Protector looper”. Work yourself or your employees with machinery that does not have the CE; it is expressly prohibited and pursued by the Justice and by the Spanish authorities of Work Safety.

Below we reproduce the article in the magazine “Stitch Magazine” specialized in the world of embroidery and aimed at professionals in the sector, in which the judgment of a US court that condemns brand manufacturers China FEIYA is collected by default of no less than eight industrial patents owned by the company TAJIMA.

Remember that this Chinese manufacturer copied 8 TAJIMA patented improvements and incorporated into your machine without permission of the copyright of these improvements, which is TAJIMA of.

Buy Mattress, what to look for?

When you go to buy a new mattress, there will undoubtedly be many questions come to the surface. An important issue in the quest for a new mattress is to get clear exactly what you want. Here you can ask the following questions:

  • Does your current bed base still and look just a new mattress?
  • To purchase a brand new bed?
  • If you’re just looking for a relatively inexpensive improvement/optimization of the current situation, sleep?
  • Or satisfy your current mattress and yet you are only looking for a new bed base?

Also, the best memory foam mattress topper are highly recommended.

1. Buying a new mattress

The most important property of a new mattress is its material. There are many different types of mattresses, and the choice of the kind of mattress depends on your personal preferences regarding:

  • price
  • hygiene
  • lifetime
  • moisture management
  • ventilation
  • if your current bed base

Also, personal features a decisive factor in the choice of a suitable mattress. Features such as your body weight, stature and height are just a few examples. Allergies dust mite allergy may, for instance, impose a restriction on the choice of the material of the mattress.

Which mattress is right for you?

Of course, there are some guidelines you can keep in mind when buying a new mattress. Below we list the guidelines for the purchase of a new mattress:

  • Takes you a lot in your sleep, do not choose a memory foam mattress.
  • You have a quick cold in bed, choose a foam mattress, latex mattress, and Talalay latex mattress
  • You will easily feel hot in bed and perspiration quickly in bed, choose a good moisture-permeable mattress as cold foam mattresses, foam, Talalay, pocket with foam or latex covering
  • Applies that people with weight can better choose the above 80 kilograms for a mattress with a harder core
    weighs more than 100 kilos, we usually recommend, given to the durability of the mattress, for a 1000 pocket spring mattress or firm polyurethane foam mattress or the great Pantera cold foam mattress (choose the stable variant)
  • You weigh less than 80 kg? Please choose more generally to purchase a softer mattress.
    Note that these are general guidelines, try to find out for yourself what is a good and comfortable mattress for you.

Buy Mattress: pilot sleeping on a mattress Mattress Factory

We at Mattress Factory will do everything to guide you expertly and carefully choosing the right bedding. Therefore, we have a showroom in Heerenveen in Schiedam where you’re welcome to sound and free advice and testing of the various types of mattresses.

It may be that, even after buying your new mattress, you can not adjust to a new sleep comfort. In such a case, you can take advantage of our generous refund policies. Read more about the experimental sleep on mattresses? Click here.

2. A brand new bed mattress including purchase

Choosing a whole new bed depends on your personal situation. Maybe fit your old bed in appearance or size not in your (new) life situation.

In this case, it is wise to determine which mattress for you is most appropriate. By the selected mattress is to determine which bed base here is best suited for.

This combination of the mattress and the bed base ensures your personal desired comfort. An additional possibility to create your new bed is thoroughly picked out a box or cabinet. The choice of this is mainly dependent on personal taste, and the choice made for the bed base.

3. Buy a mattress topper / pillow-top mattress

Mattress head no mattress topper or mattress pad is the relatively inexpensive solution to improve the current situation. A mattress topper is seen as an addition to your current mattress. Perfecting achieves the sleep comfort is simple and relatively cheap with a mattress overlay. One example is adjusting to your personal needs of the hardness or softness of your sleeping situation. Materials and properties of the most current mattress toppers mostly correspond

Tips on buying a new mattress

You have purchased a new mattress and if it is good, is now comfortable. To make the best use of the comfort of your new mattress, we have some tips compiled here for you:

  • To keep your bed in good shape, it is wise to turn your new mattress regularly.
  • Use a mattress protector on your bed base. This protects your mattress and prevents sliding of the mattress. An additional advantage is that this can extend the life of the mattress.
  • It is advisable to ventilate your mattress regularly but never does it in full sun.
  • Fold never quite double. This can damage the inside a mattress.
  • Other questions when buying a mattress

Your sleep is our concern!

Types of lawnmowers

There are many different types of lawn mowers for sale. It is, therefore, useful to know what the advantages and disadvantages of each type. The newest model is the best self propelled lawn mower

Hand mower

A hand mower costs from 50 euros. They are simple, cheap, take up little space and do not use electricity. Hand mowers are ideal for lawns up to 200 m2.


  • Cheap
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Usually without tray
  • Handicraft, so tiresome
  • View all behind mowers

Hover Mowers

Hover mowers float on a cushion of air, which ensures that they are easy to maneuver. Also, they are almost always electrically powered. Suitable for small lawns or gardens with different shapes. The market for floating mowers is dominated by the Flymo brand.


  • Small, light and easy to maneuver
  • Cheap


  • No collector or mulching
  • To set in height is not restricted or

Rotary mowers

A rotary mower, the ‘typical’ lawnmower and can be recognized by the four wheels and blades that rotate in a circle. This mower is available in many shapes and sizes, with a cord, a battery or petrol.


  • Makes little noise
  • Cheap compared to gasoline mowers and cordless mowers


  • Cord restricts movement

Battery Mower


  • Makes little noise
  • Freedom of movement


  • Relative expensive
  • Battery must be charged

Petrol mower


  • Suitable for large areas due to large cutting width
  • Freedom of movement
  • To get into many variations


  • Makes a lot of noise
  • Polluting
  • Has a lot of maintenance needed
  • Relative expensive

Robotic mowers

A robotic mower imagines first time around, and then he mows your lawn regularly by itself. Very easy, but for now still very expensive. Almost all robotic mowers cost more than € 1,000. And for a real robot mower is the target even € 1,500.


  • Takes no work
  • The lawn always looks groomed
  • The clippings are excellent and serve as food for the grass (mulch)


  • Has a lot of maintenance needed
  • In proportion very expensive


For enormous lawns there are ride-on mowers. You can mow comfortable and easy, but a machine also has many disadvantages. A machine you have from € 2,000.


  • Comfortable and easy mowing
  • Suitable for vast surfaces


  • Makes a lot of noise
  • Polluting
  • Has a lot of maintenance needed
  • Save difficult
  • Relative expensive

Cord, battery or gasoline?

Motorized garden tools, such as chainsaws, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and leaf blowers, you can get a gasoline or an electric motor.

With many brands garden tools there are three variations available:

  • gas
  • electric motor with battery;
  • with the electric cord.

Contrary to what many people think, the performance is not the main difference. The most powerful gardening equipment usually has a gasoline engine, but that is for (semi-) professional use. When a consumer is not necessarily a gasoline engine more powerful than machines with a battery or cord. Thus, our test with hedge trimmers shown that approximately the same performance comparable cordless and battery models. The choice between cable, battery or gasoline so is all about ease of use and price.


Gardening equipment with a cable has the great advantage that they are (much) cheaper than cordless or petrol models. For many people, it is a corded model, therefore, the first choice. The disadvantage is that you have little freedom of movement with a rope, and the cord properly can get in the way while working.


Garden tools with a Li-ion battery is very popular. Both as a substitute for machines with a cord as machines with petrol. You combine a maintenance-free motor with cordless freedom of movement. A good alternative so. But disadvantages are also there. A battery device is about twice as expensive as a comparable machine with cord. Also, a battery engine is a lot heavier. And the battery must be recharged naturally.

A few tips on tools with battery:

Some brands garden tools, such as Stihl, Bosch, and Makita, you can use the same battery for different types of machines. You buy one time buy a computer with battery, and the next machine without you. That can save a lot of money if you need multiple devices.
Li-ion batteries are sensitive to temperature. Keep the battery rather not in a shed where it can be freezing.

Petrol engines

Garden tools with a gasoline engine, we do not recommend. Gasoline engines have a lot of maintenance required. They make more noise and when they can be difficult not often used to get the motor to work. The only real advantages are that you can work long shifts and that you have freedom of movement. That last benefit you have a machine with a battery.

If you have a garden machine with a gasoline engine, you can use the best Alkylate. This is gas that stays longer tenable in the tank. Regular gasoline has only a limited shelf life (approximately six weeks). After that substances separate into gas and sink, which can damage the engine. If you use regular gasoline, you must ensure that there is no fuel left in the tank after your job.

Gaming Chair Buying Tips

If the big game decision just choosing a Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC would go, then it would be very simple. But thanks to a wide range of gaming chairs on the market today, is a console thereby selecting only the beginning. Today, choosing the right gaming chair to get the most out of your gaming experience just as important as the console or PC.

When you start looking for seats (online or in a local store), then the chances are that you’ll find dozens of models with different shapes and sizes. Some look just like office chairs, while others are rocking chairs that you put on the floor and perfect in a Star Wars movie would fit. How do you find the right gaming chair for you in so many different models for you to choose from? After reading the following gaming chair buying tips, the choice will be much easier.

Choosing the right type of gaming chair

The species gaming chair that you choose depends largely on your personal taste. Indeed, it is your ass clinging sitting in the chair during the entire game. But in addition to personal taste and comfort, you should also choose the right gaming chair based on your needs as it primarily affects the comfort while sitting.

Ultimate gaming chair: There’s nothing better than hanging back on and enjoy your favorite game, and a swing gaming chair will give you just that opportunity. One part of this gaming chair is a game control center, and the other part is a rocking chair. Rocking chairs gaming or gaming rockers are ideal for gamers who wish to sit comfortably while preserving everyone. The chairs have an L-shaped design and seating areas, place directly on the ground. Gaming rockers are unique because of their shape, which allows you to hang back on and relax or rock while sitting. These chairs allow you to sit at the TV as close as possible, so you feel like you’re in the game, and you can concentrate fully on what is happening in the match. A brand that sells these seats include X Rocker.

Racing seats: These seats are also known as gaming racers and often come with a steering wheel and pedals, so they offer a realistic gaming experience and enable you to control all the action on the screen. But there are plenty of chairs that have a style bucket seats, such as the Omega GT racing. Racing seats are perfect for racing games and flight simulators, as the built-in tools can help you to copy the experience without your home (or your gaming chair) have to leave.

Chairs with pedestal: This is a gaming chair that is often chosen by gamers who like to sit higher and occasionally want to turn a bit. The chairs with a pedestal you lift into the air, so you are looking directly at the screen and can clearly see what you’re playing. Many of these chairs allow you to adjust the height and turn around and they also often have an adjustable headrest and armrests that improve comfort.

Please note the system compatibility

While some chairs are designed to work seamlessly with all or most consoles, there are others that are made specifically for one model. So just for the Playstation, Xbox or Wii. Many chairs may offer support for your PC or Mac. It is, therefore, important to ensure that you buy the gaming chair that supports your favorite console. Otherwise, you may not be able to play your games. If you are unsure whether a particular model can be used to console you, then it’s a good idea to ask this to the staff or send an email to the retailer.

Note built-in extras

When you go looking for a gaming chair, you may be overwhelmed by the many extras of some models. All these extras make the gaming chair more expensive, but they may be cheaper than you think. If you have some more money for an excellent gaming chair, there are some extras that you have to pay attention.

Best gaming chair speakers in the headrest of your gaming chair can give you a complete gaming experience because they can make realistic every game through a surround paradise. These models are often equipped with audio inputs and outputs that can be connected to the HDMI cable from your TV so that you can enjoy the sound from the game via the built-in speakers of your gaming chair. So you will enjoy even more of your gaming experience, and more feel that you’re in the game. Some chairs even have a built-in subwoofer for an even better gaming experience.

Another extra that is worth watching is a wireless connection. Wireless audio and Bluetooth connectivity make it very easy to experience the sound of your game in your chair without you worrying that persons are tripping over wires.

Finally, a gaming chair with a vibration function is also interesting because it makes you feel any shock and impact the game. This way you have the feeling that you’re in the game so that the game experience is complete.

The 6 best tips for newborn care: hair, nails, bath, creams and more

Coming home with the newborn raises many questions parents. At the hospital there was not much to do because the baby slept almost all the time, and how much will be made a quick wash by that which has not yet dropped the cord, so seeing you alone with the baby are the first questions. When you are not around, the baby had better be placed in the best pack and play.

The most common are those related to care: when is cut nails, if you cut their hair, when you put them moisturizer, every baths only how much, how, etc. With the intention of grouping all the tips about that in a single entry today we offer the best advice for newborn care.

1. The cure cord

The umbilical cord, to stop receiving blood supply is mummified and eventually falls past few days. How to cure it depends somewhat on the hospital where the baby is born, because there who recommended alcohol 70, some say that only soap and water and some say they do not need to do anything.

All solutions are correct, because in a review of studies conducted by WHO in 2004, when 22 studies with 8,959 infants were included, they saw that was indifferent how the navel to compare the use of antiseptic cord care be cured in dry. So in the background does not matter how to cure it (if not povidone-iodine is used). If it has a bad odor, you need to go to the pediatrician.

2. The clothes in the early days

Cover him? Did not keep him warm? During the first few days it is interesting to the relatively warm baby, then comes the womb where it was at a high temperature compared to the outside. Do not overdo it, but do not put it exactly as we ourselves, or if you like, be clear that we are in an environment where they can not get cold. Once spend the first days, they say you have to clothe us with a sleeve. It is a way of explaining that they would have to go like adults, but with a thin capita more, because they do not regulate the temperature as us and also do not have the amount of fat that we do have and that protects us somewhat (and I speak not overweight or anything like that, but they have a very thin skin and we still thin, not so much).

Ideally, touch the neck and back. So we know whether they are comfortable or if they are cold or heat.

3. Bathroom

Long bathing every day is both hygiene and relaxed before going to sleep. The reality is that not all relax (many will pass pipe and out of the bath more awake than entered) and bathe them every day can be too. And the bathroom dry skin, removes natural bacteria that we and many babies suffer the consequences later, in the form of eczema and skin infections. Come on, it is advisable to bathe the baby every two or three days, and in the days that do not bathe a diaper change with soap and water.

What how to bathe the baby? With the water at an appropriate temperature (about 36 degrees) in a place where it is cold and everything ready for later. Now comes the summer and there is not much problem, but in cold weather is interesting baby dry well, especially in the folds, and then dry and dress quickly.

4. The eyes, ears, and nose

With eyes, ears and nose should not do anything, but if it takes, it’s worth knowing how. If there gummy, which initially may be normal because the tear ducts do not always work well and do not clean the eye as they should be cleaned with a little serum and gauze to clean from the inside out and then pulling (one pass by gauze).

If we see wax, clean only the part of wax to see the the outside, and better not to use cotton buds. As we told you a few months ago, the best way to clean the ears is with his elbow. That is, do not put anything inside.

In the case of the nose, if we find that has moquitos and not breathing well, since they do not take the snot voluntarily, it is recommended to use saline. The less aggressive way is to throw it slowly, drop by drop, through the nostrils, so that the mucus go diluting and exit more easily through the nose or swallow it.

5. How to clean the diaper area

As I have said before, the ideal is to make at least one change a day with soap and water. If they can be, since most, always clean better than wipes. The address we use to clean is important, because depending on how we do take the remains to the place where we remove the hand. It is important, then, do so from the genitals to the anus. From top to bottom, so that the faeces do not go to the genitals, but quite the opposite.

6. What to do with cradle cap?

Cradle cap is the crust that leaves them, infants. That is why it is called so (nothing to do with taking breast milk). It is an aesthetic problem, seborrheic dermatitis that does not produce any symptoms and, as such, will only be removed if you want (unless there are signs of infection). If you want to remove it, which is usually recommended it is to use olive oil, almond or baby, applying it on the head for a while. Oil massage that softens the crusts and so half an hour later, they jump to bathe and pass a sponge over her head. It is done slowly, with love, and without waiting to fall all in one day (fall a few each time you do).

Types, Uses and Tips of Lawnmower.

The lawn mower

Domestic accidents are the cause of large and small household tragedies. Caring for our garden, especially when cut, can be the cause of these misfortunes. So here are some tips to help you choose the best self propelled lawn mower and keep a garden in perfect condition thanks to your lawn mower without accidents.

There are many models of lawn mowers. Depending on the characteristics and dimensions of the land, we must choose one model or another. It is important to know our use of the machine, because although it is true that we use throughout the year, the use will be more frequent in the rainiest season, when the grass grow faster.

The more often we use the mower, the more times will have to make the set-up of the machine, so when you buy, you must ask for advise on maintenance, technical repair service, spare parts …

Types of lawn mower

If mowing space is small, you can use a hand mower, which is pushed by hand. The simplest are mechanical and comprise nothing more than a few blades. In case of not wanting to make much physical effort, we can also opt for a self propelled rotary mower blades, adjustable according to the height of the grass.

If you need to mow the large garden, you can use a mini lawn tractor, having seats and driven with a flywheel is required. Its cost is obviously far higher but are very comfortable to use.

For the maintenance of hedges and sunken areas, there are small electric powered equipment known as trimmers and brush cutters.

To remove grass clippings and leaves in the garden there are blowers, powered tubes that generate powerful air currents.

Another secret to make the mowing not a cumbersome task is to properly choose the shape of the garden. Most gardens are square, but a garden with curved or irregular is much more comfortable mowing.

Using the mower correctly

  • The first thing to do is to carefully read the instructions to know the performance and capabilities of your machine. It is important to know what kind of materials can be cut with all safety, and which can clog the blades creating a danger to you.
  • Before each use make sure that there is no loose parts on the machine. Do not forget to remove any objects that could lock the mower as balls or toys.
  • Do not turn the mower on indoors, always turn it in open spaces where it can not collect carbon dioxide.
  • While in operation, it is very important to keep any part of our bodies and our clothes away from the machine.
  • Never cut with barefoot. Wear clothes and appropriate footwear including goggles, reduce the chances of an accident.
  • Make sure that there are no children or animals near the machine while it is running.
  • If you possess an electric mower, never rush to mow when the grass is still wet. In addition, you must ensure that it has an extension cord in perfect condition. To prevent the extension spoiling too easily, start cutting the grass in the area.
  • Once the work is completed, collects, stores and protects the tools after use. One of the possible reasons why we should change our mower is if it gets wet with rain.
  • Keep mower in perfect condition and with sharp blades.

Have a nice lawn depends on a few factors to consider. Here are tips to make the grass always looks green in your garden:

  • In each section, you should not mow more than a third of the grass. This helps develop a deeper root system, which enhances the absorption of water and nutrients, especially in summer.
  • Always keep good sharp blades. Dull blades tear the ends of the blades of grass, facilitating the entry of diseases.
  • Your lawn needs about 25 liters during the harvest season. Always try to water early in the morning. Water droplets remaining on the leaves overnight may harbor harmful disease for the grass.
  • Keep your lawn well balanced. For a healthier and greener lawn, the first step is to analyze it. Know the PH, and the content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium from your garden.

Care for your dog’s fur

It is important to know how to care for your dog. To help you with this we have a lot of information brought together about caring for your dog and its fur. Especially when your dog has fleas, give him the best flea treatment for dogs


Give your dog a bath

Previously, dogs were given a bath twice a year. And that was quite a struggle to master dog. Today there are dog shampoos that do not meet all the natural oils from the coat. If you are well prepared, it can be great fun for the dog and for you to give him a bath.

Baths do not regularly occur. But if your dog into something nasty has been rolling and walking around with an unpleasant odor and is steeped in the mud, it’s time to give him a bath.

Start by brushing

If your dog is not too wet you can get the knots out the best look by brushing him – with water make worse the knots. Allow plenty of lukewarm water in the tub running the water up to the knees of the dog comes – or turn on the shower to a comfortable temperature. A mat is also very convenient.

Wash your dog

Lift your dog now in the bathtub, praise him profusely and continually encourage him. Hold it in place with one hand and spoon with the other water over his coat. You can also use the shower nozzle, by holding it close to the skin so that the dog is not nervous. Apply shampoo and work that quietly and carefully through the entire coat. With a soft brush, you can easily get between the toes. For the cup you use a sponge – watch out that no soap gets in their eyes.

Rinse well with clean lukewarm water so that there remains no shampoo.

Dry your dog

Then squeeze the water out of the coat before you dry with a few towels. Remember, what you do not dry them, your dog there shakes! You may also want to use a hair dryer, but put him at a very low temperature and blow your dog out of his face.

One last tip: Make sure the ears are completely dry, bacteria nestle like in wet ears. Price your dog than exuberant, give him a treat and then cross your fingers that he did not immediately again dive into the mud!

coat care

Trimming and grooming the fur of your dog or puppy

It is a good idea of trimming and grooming the fur of your dog or puppy to a recurring routine. It’s a wonderful way to bond with your dog and take good care of their fur.

Because your dog or puppy to daily brushing you remove dead hair, dirt and any parasites that your dog has picked up in the exhausts. Choose a brush that matches the coat and the size of your dog.

When cleaning you immediately inspect the occasion nails, eyes, ears, and teeth.

Cutting nails

If your dog frequently on a hard surface such as pavement runs his nails are usually not as long. If not, they need to be trimmed regularly to walk tasty. Ask your veterinarian or groomer how to do that.

Eyes and ears

The eyes and ears of your dog should always be clean. You can look gently around the eyes with a moist cotton swab. Do the same with the ears, but do not go too deep. The ears are very sensitive.

Teeth and gums

It can be difficult to keep the teeth and gums of your dog – how to brush the teeth of your dog can be found in the section on dental care. And dental and gum problems can also help avoid in daily Pedigree DentaStix, which has been clinically proven that your dog has therefore 80% less from tartar from about six months.

Trimming dogs

Wire-haired dogs such as terriers and poodles should be cut every six to eight weeks.Dogs with a silky coat like cocker spaniels be cut every three months. But every kind of dog is different so ask your breeder, veterinarian or groomer if you are unsure.

Hope you find useful information for the care for your dog!

Terraces: how to get a good shade

In summer, however, all we ran away from the sun except to get dark, and if we do not want our beloved terrace becomes an outdoor oven must learn how to get a good shade and thus enjoy the cool breeze under its shelter.

Now I’ll try to do a little review of all decorative alternatives we have to achieve a fresh and pleasant shade without compromising neither the space nor the design of our terrace nor toil away a fortune. One of the best solutions for this is the cheap popup canopies for sale

The orientation

Yes, friends, the first thing you need to know when to get shade is the direction of the garden. Because it serves to put an awning or umbrella if you then will shade the neighbor and not to us.

An east-facing terrace receives a very steep and warm morning sun; a south-facing terrace receives an intense and vertical sun at midday and west facing powerful one and inclined afternoon.

My favorite is the east-facing, such as my father’s house, as the morning sun is breathtaking and from noon the house itself provides shade and shelter to spare, so you do not need to buy anything terrace, if perhaps a little tilt umbrella just some morning sun too tight.

The north-facing sun terraces not receive more than first thing in the morning and late afternoon and are only recommended in boiling places where you want always to be in the shade.

It is important to take into account both the orientation when buying your house as when purchasing the necessary accessories for shade. As I speak to them, I will mention what kind of direction and sun are most suitable.


It is the necessary accessory to provide shade. They are cheap. There are all sorts and designs to suit any need. Yes, except that we buy enormous and cumbersome, the amount of shade they give is limited.

In my opinion, they are perfect for those who do not seek shade all day but only for moments and specific areas; as for breakfast, lunch, nap

The idea is to buy one that has an adjustable arm height and tilt, and so can protect against the sun in the morning or afternoon, which is very much side- down and tilting the umbrella.

If you decide to install it on the table during the summer, do not forget this good idea: a base for your umbrella.


You could say they are the older brothers of the umbrellas. They are large and offer a shadow according to its size. The problem is that often also expensive and often need a professional to install us. They also hold enough space, especially visual, and it’s not easy tie-in decoration.

Inside the tents, we can distinguish between fixed awnings, which can be folded and unfolded but not remove, and temporary awnings that can be mounted only in summer or for any particular occasion.

They are highly recommended for south facing terraces, as well protect the vertical sun of midday hours, also boiling, so its ample shade protects us die scorched.

For the morning sun and afternoon are less useful. There are many models that can be tipped, but then the space under them is minuscule. Ideas are those who go on rails and can extend the awning on the vertical part, but these structures are expensive and visually unattractive.

Pergolas and vines

It is a solution rather than shade, giving sun and shade, as though in our pergola grows a leafy vine as a vine or a bougainvillea there will always be some other ray of sun strain although it does not have to be bad.

Among the advantages include that plants not only protect from the sun but cool atmosphere and scent with its pleasant aroma (and if we planted a jasmine bush, and long story). The downside is that it is not something you can get a day in the morning, most vines take their time to entangle, redundant, besides that require a lot more care than an awning fabric.

Another advantage provided by this solution is that, in winter, plants have many fewer leaves and let in more sun than in summer. If also we grow plants on the sides, these offer us protection from the sun and filtered afternoon and freshen the air as well.

All about the baby swing


In the first few months, your baby really needs your tender arms to calm and soothe. Yet, like all mothers in the world, you can not be next to him at every moment. Therefore, you need a baby equipment that is suited to keep your new baby safe. When your baby is awake, the baby swing favors quiet moments necessary for balance. In fact, the swing combination of functions that will make it essential to the welfare of the whole family. Let’s talk more in detail, the baby swing which is not the first swing.

Comparison of the use of some brands and will help you decide

In this section, we will describe some features and prices of some popular models:

Cosco – Sway’n Play Swing High Gate – This swing or swing is very easy to store and carry wherever necessary so that can be folded and used batteries. It plays classical music cradle and the seat is reclining. On the other hand, some people who have used it say that there is very strong and almost no rocking the baby, besides having a seat belt only 3 points, it would be better idea to try it in the store before you buy or better buy another brand or model. Price: You can find the swing Cosco Sway ‘n Play for approximately $ 59.50.

baby swing reviews – This swing has music, lights, and toys to entertain your baby . You not have the option to rest more, but is already reclined enough even for a newborn baby to use.

Swing Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo can rock forward and backward or side to side, parents decide what entertainment you receive your baby.

Also, although this swing is not easy to move from side to side for its size, it offers the option to use batteries or electricity. Additionally, your seatbelt is 3 points.


Avec mellow sound reception, create a cocoon swing open to the world of your baby. The regular swing reminds the baby of his uterine bubble and your movements: he likes to be lulled and your swing will take care of it. Rhythm as to the mechanical balance system are measured and the weight of the child, thus eliminating any risk. Sweet melodies promote a reassuring atmosphere to lull the baby too. Some models have a remote control or a timer to avoid disturbing your child comfortably. Finally, the swing is used both to relax and soothe the babies. This relaxation will often make him fall asleep …

Tips when choosing a swing for your baby

A swing or baby swing can be very useful for a mother of a newborn baby because it is a safe place where you can place while you find a few minutes to eat something or take a shower while having your son nearby. It can also help distract or calm the baby with rhythmic movements, thus giving a small break. What is important that you choose one that will meet the needs of your baby and you. So we bring the qualities that a good swing must have:

5 points safety belt

Although a 3 points safety belt (which only grip the waist) is also helpful, you will be much calmer if your baby is fully insured with one that has 5 points. This type of seat belts also ensures safety for the top of the baby’s body if you get to run to somewhere else.

The battery or electric baby swing

Many swings work only with cells or batteries which make them very easy to carry from one place to another . However, this would be an expense because the batteries in these big toys do not last long and also cost a lot. Ideally, the swing or baby swing has two options so that it is more convenient and economical.

Movements, lights, and sounds

The more you can control what the swing does, the better, because if the baby likes the lights and games but hates the movements, then you could turn off the movements as the game continues. Or if you are going to use for the baby to relax and maybe sleep, then it may be better to use it without games and just rocking. It all depends on each baby, so it is best to have several options

Choose your sewing machine – Tips

I regularly get questions correctly via email about the sewing machines and sewing machine which you can buy the best if you want to start sewing. But that is frankly a rather personal choice!

Here are some tips from me, where you may have some if you want to buy a sewing machine. These are guidelines, things that I find important, but that can vary per person.Find the best sewing machines for beginners  through this article.

Content of the article:

  • A decent machine
  • What brands are good sewing machine?
  • Electronic or mechanical?

A decent machine

Are you seriously looking for a good sewing machine then I would advise: buy a sound machine! There are regular deals at drugstores or department stores for sewing machines under 100 euros. It is very tempting, of course! But my opinion is that these are not reliable machines. You might like sometimes to sew, make some simple things, just go straight forward and opt for one of higher quality because nothing is more frustrating than when you want to make a more complicated drawing and your sewing machine can not handle it becauseit is two years old and it vibrates hard!

No, you had better go to a good machine shop and let you be advised there. Think in advance what you want to do with your sewing machine: sewing clothes or repair, make bags, quilting, sewing thick layers of dust or not? Often sewing or just occasionally? And what is your budget? Leave it to the sewing machine dealer and he or she will help you further.

In general, the heavier / solid sewing machines are more expensive, but probably they also are somewhat better! Some more benefits of a sewing machine shop are that you can always go back with questions or problems, or you may have a lesson on the machine you have in mind.

What brands are good sewing machine?

There are many different sewing machine brands, all of which also offer another different models in different price categories. What a great stress! But what are really good brands? That is very personal. I sew myself for years with a lot of satisfaction on a Pfaff Classic Style 1523 – a decent machine (not computer-controlled), with top feed for the substance. I can do everything I want: sewing bags, clothes, making quilts and sewing. For me, it is a good machine so!

But I do not want to advertise a single sewing machine and of course there are more brands that are just very good, like Bernina, Brother, Janome, etc. For all the marks: the more expensive the machine, the heavier engine and the robust and better is the sewing.

Usually, it is also true that a machine becomes more expensive as more features are on or when the computer is electronically controlled. Think in advance before you buy a sewing machine carefully what features you need. All sewing machines have useful standard-stabbing: straight stitch, zigzag stitch, buttonhole function, stretch stitch and some decorative stitching. These are stabbing you probably use most often. Additional decorative embroidery stabbing is certainly nice, but not necessary.

Electronic or mechanical?

My sewing machine is mechanical, which means that I have the stabbing and other functions must be set manually (and what does not mean that my machine does not work on electricity). So I have to turn the wheels to stitch length, zigzag width, thread tension, setting etc. I find no problem and I am used to, it goes almost automatically!

There are also electronic (or computer-controlled) sewing machines, where you can automatically set all functions with the push of a button. These sewing machines have a screen showing the settings. Choose a stitch, than standard stitch length and width are set equal. And a buttonhole is sewn automatically at once instead of that you have to set in four steps.

The choice is mechanical or electronic personal, check out what makes you feel happy or convenient! But keep in mind that an electronic sewing machine is often more expensive, even if something needs to be repaired.

I hope that you will find this information useful and that it will make your choice easier. Good luck and have fun with choosing your sewing machine!