Paper Shredder for large cleanups

You need a best paper shredders to destroy large amounts of confidential documents. Hiring a shredder can be a solution. In this article, we will give you our advice on renting a shredder.

A professional paper shredder rental costs is about 250 euros per week. The rent of a shredder consists of the following charges:

  • Borg Costs
  • Rental rates
  • Costs for waste paper scraps
  • Transportation costs

In addition to these costs, it must be added the hours you spend with shredding documents. The time you spend will depend on the type and amount of paper that shredder have to shred. Observe the rental of a shredder, you can find out that this machine has access to an automatic sheet feeder.

Pros and cons of renting

Renting a paper shredder offers advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages:

  • You do not have to do nothing when the paper is destroyed.
  • You do not waste too much time with your personal paper shredder.
  • No maintenance costs.

The cons:

  • Relatively high cost.
  • Shredding takes time.
  • You need knowledge of shredders.
  • Chance of crashes or malfunction.
  • Paper Shredders have to be frequent cool.
  • Shredding of paper entails security risks.
  • You need somewhere to store the chips.
  • Chance of nuisance dust and noise.

Our advice: Paper destruction outsourcing

You can buy or rent a shredder. But you can have your documents destroyed by a business, especially with larger amounts of paper. In America, various data destruction companies are specializing in document destruction. Be careful when selecting such a company or enterprise.

What are the advantages of outsourcing:

  • Cheaper than renting a shredder (depending on quantity).
  • You are totally cared.
  • You are not wasting your time to shred your documents.
  • You will receive a certificate of destruction.
  • One-time cleanups and frequent collection

Data Destruction Companies can arrange your archive cleanup. But many companies, such as offices, dealing daily with old familiar paper. And is it wise to shred all this paper by hand? Also in this situation, we recommend a data destruction business outcome.

Secure containers for paper destruction

Your location on a secure container is placed with lock. It helps you to destroy your documents. And when the bucket is full, the contents is collected and destroyed by the company. Easy and familiar.

We recommend that you always have your paper destroyed by a certified service provider. So you can be sure that your paper is collected, transported and destroyed by trusted professional.

How to keep your shredder in top condition

If you do not want to hire a shredder or an outsource but do it by yourself, you should give it the right maintenance after hard work by extending the life of your shredder, and regularly lubricate the blades with official shredder oil.

Practical tips

User safety

A shredder HAS sharp blades that grinds your material to fine shreds. So always be careful when using the device. Some shredding containers are designed to protect the user, as a safety lock that allows the device to be put on lock or sensors that immediately stop the machine if there are fingers near the feed opening.

With children and pets, we need to be extra careful on safety. Tip: Always unplug the unit off when not using the device.

Paper jam

A familiar and annoying phenomenon of paper shredders is the “paper jam.” This can be PREVENTED by:

  • Entering too much paper
  • Entering wrong material
  • Skew feeding paper
  • Poor maintenance of the blades

Some shredders have features to prevent a paper jam. For example, by a function or return paper by an extra powerful motor from where a paper jam occurs.

Shredder oil

Oil application in shredder holds a shredder in good condition, your documents will be just as easily fragmented as the new device out of the box. Therefore, it is important to regularly to oil the blades.

Lubricate regularly

It is advised after each intensive session to oil the machine, or else once a week. In any case, the shredder needs to be oiled when the bin is full. You can purchase special bottles of oil or oil sheets. The way of lubricating depends on a shredder. More expensive shredders can have an automatic oil function.


Average shredders produce 60 dB sound when shredding. This is similar to the sound of a washing machine or a sewing machine. When a shredder at a joint work state, it can be annoying for the employees. There are shredders for sale with noise reduction but even the professional shredders are still noisy. So for the best you can place the shredder in a lockable space. So no one is hampered by the shredding sound.

Energy saving

Save energy by buying a shredder to turn itself off automatically when the device is not in use. The shredder itself activates when paper is offered for destruction


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