Each household have at least one refrigerator nowadays! If you want to buy a new refrigerator, what can you look for? What will you have to consider when buying a refrigerator? The price of your new device? The capacity of the freezer? Energy consumption? The environmental friendliness? The layout of the refrigerator? How many decibels is the noise caused by your new equipment? The model refrigerator? A tabletop, a mini fridge, or an American refrigerator? Where the refrigerator should be placed in your (newly purchased) kitchen? All of these aspects may be important when buying your new or second hand refrigerator.

There are many aspects that you should consider if you want to buy a new refrigerator. What properties is the most important thing for you to decide. You can look at some aspects in this article to ensure a good purchase.

Determine budget for refrigerator

The price of your new appliance can not be ignored in any case. The cost of your new refrigerator can vary widely. You can take advantage of an offer in a store or on the Internet? You can also opt for a second hand fridge if you have a limited budget.

Can you take one from a friend or buy it at a thrift store? There are many options, but the most important cost aspect is perhaps: how much money you want to spend? Or you may want to save so that later you can buy a refrigerator that you would really like to have? Or is your need for a new device so urgent that you even want to borrow money? An impulse purchase is usually not a good idea.

The product features of your refrigerator

Almost as important as the cost, your wishes for the properties of the new refrigerator is also a necessary factor. Prices and possibilities interact to (at least partially) each other. What should you look for? Write down yourself a wish list together with needed priorities: what product characteristic is most important to you?

  • Energy – efficiency class (which is more efficiency and more environmentally friendly)
  • Dimensions (height, depth, width, capacity)
  • Cooling or cooling and freezing
  • Capacity of the refrigerator compartment and freezer
  • Compartment (expressed in liters)
  • Classification of the refrigerator vegetable drawer (s), shelves, egg holder
  • Annual energy consumption costs per year (in kilowatt hours: KWh) which is expressed in euros (electric bill) and in relation to energy consumption
  • Sound (measured in decibels: DB)
  • Star rating (quality measurement; more stars means a higher quality)
  • Model: mini refrigerator, table top, fitted, American fridge
  • Brand of the refrigerator

Prioritize to choose the right device for you to buy

  • Suppose you live in a studio apartment. Then, the noise level can be very important, because you sleep in the same room as where you live and may even work there too! Especially if you have difficulty in sleeping, then the number of decibels of the noise is of great importance.
  • You have a large family with many children growing up. Then, sufficient capacity is of great importance. You want also store all the food and drink for the whole family well in refrigerate or freeze?
  • You have a tiny kitchen? Then the size of the refrigerator is the most important factor to be concerned
  • If you want cooling power needed for your health and the food, please pay attention to the price / quality ratio.
  • You have saved money for a long time so that you can buy a new electrical appliance. So you want to use as little energy as possible. Then go for an energy – efficient refrigerator, an A +++, with a minimum capacity storage.
  • You want to keep using a particular brand because you have good experiences with Siemens, a Samsung or a Liebherr?

In practice, you will need to close a compromise between the different properties of the various cooling and refrigerators that are on the market, your need and your budget. For example, a combination of the available funds, the ability of the refrigerator and the space available in your home. If you have thought thoroughly about your choice, you can buy a new one or a second hand with confidence and take advantage of your new device and enjoy.


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