To many, the question is, what is breville espresso machine BES870XL? Well let us get started together. Breville machine BES870XL is a special equipment used for coffee or tea preparation and serving equipment, Voted the best new product by the Coffee Association of America. Breville BES870XL focuses on one thing; freshness through speed. It gives beginner baristas and aspiring baristas fast and easy way to get best and freshest tasting espressos right from their own kitchen.

The best feature about BES870XL is that it is fitted with a burr grinder which allows users to go from beans-to- brew in less than a minute. Unlike other machines in this espresso class BES870XL doesn’t cause you hours of headache as you grind, tamp and brew your beans day in and day out. This ensures that you get the freshest taste without trading off any of the convenience a super automatic espresso machine offers you. The breville espresso gives you a way to avoid all that hassle and still get the fastest, freshest grind out your beans before you start brewing. Another special feature about the breville espresso BES870X1 is simple to use unlike other complicated machines for consumer’s skill level. You have to adjust each input, test the grind amount the grind size, monitor the temperature distribution of the steam and water pressure and choose the right roast at the same time can be overwhelming.

BES870XL the real deal

It comes with 15-bar pump and a thermocoll heating system. This ensures that you have the ideal temperature and sufficient power for brewing the best shot of espresso each day every day!

It also has two dual-wall filters with pressure that regulates the pressure inside the equipment automatically, therefore giving espresso enthusiast the maximum extraction for quality flavors.

It is equipped with selector dials that gives the consumer the opportunity to choose the size and amount of his/her grind; from full loads to single shots, from fine to coarse. Has a filter size button that enables one to change from single to double wall filter basket.

Has easy grinding cradle that should be pushed simply to porta-filter into cradle and the fresh grinds move into the filter automatically stop when the desired amount has been dispersed.

Who is best suited by BES870XL espresso machine?

New espresso makers who want the best machine to learn on for their money are best suited by the breville barista espresso. Not only will the user get a great espresso but also a lot of convenience because you can adjust as you learn and decide whether you want more control or less control. This is the perfect espresso machine for intermediate baristas and beginner baristas thanks to the single and double wall options.


  • Super sturdy thanks to its high quality materials and construction.
  • Stainless steel casing keeps it clean and stylish.
  • No-slip feet even when burr grinder is turned on, prevents “walking” across counter.
  • Very easy to clean because it has a hide way storage compartment for cleaning tool.
  • Very fast.


  • Grind can sometimes spray on counter.
  • Although easy to clean, it does make a mess when in use.
  • The drip tray fills up quickly.

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