Lying in a hammock is a great way to relax in the garden or balcony. There are various types of hammocks. What should you look for when you want to buy a hammock? Where can you buy a hammock?

The hammock

A hammock can be made from a piece of fabric such as cotton just like the Brazilian hammock. There are also hammocks that look like a kind of crocheted; they are in structure as a fishing net; this is the Mexican hammock. The patch is fixed between two points, this can be trees or posts. Also, there are hammocks to be hung on the special sticks.

Where is the hammock used for?

Originally the hammock is used to sleep in. They are still used in South and Central American countries now. They are also used for overnight stays with friends or family. In Western countries, the hammock is used primarily for relaxation, on the balcony or in the garden for example.

Types of hammocks

There are hammocks and without poles. These poles are attached to the end of the fabric, and used to spread the cloth. They are also mentioned as spreaders. There are two types of hammocks:

Hammock without sticks

A hammock without sticks (like the original hammocks) is easier to carry, weighs less and takes up less space when it is not in use.This type consists only of the piece of cloth. You can lie there in stable. That is also dependent on the way you lie in it. You lie more in the length of the hammock, you will be more secluded. The more you lies across it, the more “open” the hammock is.

Hammock with sticks

In Western countries, hammocks are often used with spreaders. Who loves sunbathing should have such a hammock. A disadvantage is that it is somewhat more unstable, so you can fall out sooner. It is therefore often less comfortable. When storing a hammock with sticks, it takes up more space, and is also heavier.

With or without stand?

You can choose a stand purchase in your hammock. This is useful if you do not have trees or poles near. In addition, a stand has the advantage that you can put it anywhere, and you can move so hammock.

Want your shadow or not? With a hammock with stand, you are free to move your hammock. Something to keep in mind as you choose a stand is mostly mat hangs lower in stand than on a tree for example. It may be a reason for not choosing a stand, because you are struggling to get up from such a low lying position. This is not applied for a hammock with spreaders, but if you hang it tighter, this is not a problem. Stands can be made from metal or wood. The latter is heavier but it need more work to clean up a wooden stand.

What do you have to decide when buying a hammock?

When purchasing a hammock you must choose between:

  • Hammock sticks, without stand
  • Hammock sticks, without stand
  • With or without spreaders
  • With or without stand
  • Additionally, you must determine the length of the hammock too. Not everyone is at the same length. the hammock length is your own height plus at least 40 cm as a measure of the fabric of the hammock (not the length) if you choose a specimen with spreaders. If you opt for a hammock without spreaders you can go with as long as possible models. Also the canvas in any case must be at least 30 cm longer than your height.
  • There are hammocks for sale for different weight classes. Especially if you or one of the family members are a bit heavier. Note the indicators for ‘maximum load weight’ of the hammocks
  • Material: When choosing the material for your hammock, it is important whether you want to hang it outside or inside the door because not all materials are resistant against weather conditions.

Where to buy a hammock?

Hammocks can be bought from online stores if you have all sizes in a row. At the online shop, you will be provided with information on the available materials. Also you can get information about putting up your hammock, and maintenance.


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