Taking care and cleaning your coffee machine takes a little bit of work but it helps in the long run. I’m going to be showing you one way to keeping it clean could be the way for you, the easy way!! Haaa!

Cleaning your breville espresso machine doesn’t take a lot of hard work nor an expert. Mostly what you will need to clean your espresso is Water, Vinegar, and soap that will work with your breville (shouldn’t be hard to find) I use Cafiza(cleaning tablet). I use Cafiza because it’s pretty cheap honestly and plus it gets the job done so why waste alot of money right? Right. Anyways I will tell you when you will need these things to get your machine clean.

Before you get started on cleaning your machine make sure that everything is out of your machine. And that it’s clean and nothing left in it like little coffee or coffee maker or just anything that would get in the way of cleaning. After you check for all that you can get started.

First add half and half, add half of water and half of vinegar in the container in the back of your machine(doesn’t have to be filled up all the way).

After you do so just put it back on like if you were going to make some coffee with the water and vinegar in it of course. Then after you do that your espresso should come with a ice cream scoop look a like, in that ice cream tool your going to insert in the little black/gray rubber disc that also comes with your espresso machine.

In top of the rubber disc, in the middle is where your going to put in the cleaning soap tablet which I happen to use Cafiza it will probably work for your machine too. But check first before using. Once you have already put the tablet on the rubber disc place the ice cream tool(with the tablet in it) on where the coffee would usually come out off and twist it on.

By doing so, your breville espresso machine should be ready to get started to clean up. Now all you got to do is press a couple buttons and your ready to go well the machine will be ready!In some breville espresso machines you can start the cleaning in 2 different ways one by just pressing and holding on to 3 buttons(which I think is the easier way).

By starting it this way you will have to prest and hold on to the power and the 1 and 2 coffee making buttons hold it maybe for 3 seconds and the cleaning process should start. And the other way is by pressing the menu button until you see the “cycle cleaning” blinking on the top which will mean it is ready to start the clean. Then click on the blinking circle button which will be the “Manual button” and when you do the cleaning process will start.

When the cleaning is done just make sure to clean and rinse everything off so your breville espresso could work well and properly. Have fun!


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