A holiday beyond the borders so that your children will gain experience how it is to camp: that’s not necessary if you have a garden? Camping in your backyard garden might be as well as a big party. Here’s how to organize a camping party for your family and friends. Cozy and cheap!

Supplies for camping

Tents and sleeping bags

Sleeping under the stars is the experience that everybody needs to have once? First of all you already should have have a tent and sleeping bags for everyone. If you have no tent, borrow a neighbor, a friend or family members or buy one, there are wide ranges of cheap camping tents for sale. Discard the tent full of pillows so it really is a cozy space. You want to finally give the ultimate camping experience, right?


What is camping without a campfire? Heating it at high heat and keep children at a safe distance. As the sun go down, gather everyone all together to sit around the campfire and enjoy the warmth.


Whether you are eating well-prepared food in the kitchen or on the grill over the campfire, it does not matter. A nice, easy camping dish is burgers with a big bowl of salad next to it. Make the burgers as healthy (lettuce, tomatoes, pickles) or unhealthy (sour cream, sauces) as you want. For dessert, you obviously just need a big pack marshmallows. Prick the marshmallows on a skewer – or, even more adventurous, on a stick from the garden – and roast it on the campfire.


You can probably even hum along to the melodies, but the lyrics is sunk. Camping Songs, everyone has sung them and they contribute to the melancholy feeling you have as an adult when you get back around a campfire. Time to learn at your own children some campfire songs too! You will find nice campfire songs.

Flashlight and campfire stories

Flashlight is not only for the natural call trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night, but also for the exciting stories around the campfire. What is camping without scary stories with the glow of the flashlight. Read campfire tales for children. You can also find exciting campfire tales.

Camping in the someone else’s backyard garden

If you do not want to camp in your own garden but somewhere different without renting or leasing your hotel, apartment or bedroom, there is now a more affordable alternative to go on vacation. Pick a tent for sale at the store and sleep for free or for a few euros in someone’s backyard garden!

Are you an avid outdoors camper and want something different than a camping or are you not ready to wild camping then camping in someone’s garden is the godsend. On several websites you can choose the destination of your choice and look for the garden which are available. Garden is moreover a flexible concept for the range from courtyards to gigantic estates. With each garden, it also contains icons that indicate which facilities that are available such as toilets, shower and wireless internet but tents are required. There are a lot of tents for sale in the market so feel free to choose one.

Gardens around the world

Whether you want to go to Belgium or America, there are gardens all over the world where you can place your tent. The most gardens can be found, however, in Europe. Extra handy is the search function that allows you to see the gardens which are available in the vicinity of a music festival or other large event. For most spot, you just lose between 3 and 10 euros.

Nice budget

So you really want a very cheap vacation this summer? On your own, with friends or with your children you might want to enter into this adventure, take a look at the internet for your ideal garden.


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