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The first thing to do when you want to sleep well, it is first to look at the room where you sleep. The position of the window is very important because a light exposure stops the production of melatonin which results in an imminent awakening. The bed should be away from most of the windows to avoid the rays of light without forgetting that you should not find yourself on the way to the door. There is no precise information on the influence of the door on sleep. That is why we must give importance to the room of the house where you snooze. Indeed when you install the bed you need to choose the room where you feel best. Inside the room, avoid the devices like TV, computer, mobile charger (operating), electric blankets for the awakening take one that works with a battery. All these electronic devices emit waves affect your sleep.

After having prepared its interior, now it is necessary to position the bed, placing your body in the right direction. And yes you heard right, there is a certain direction that improves sleep. This is the theory of Feng Shui. He suggests that your space should be crossed by waves of all kinds and the best position is to guide the upper body that is to say, head north and lower body (legs) to the south.

This position will enable to soothe your body and find faster sleep. Color psychology is significant in the sense that there are colors that lie better than others. Too strong colors can be a barrier to sleep. The direction of the bed is necessary, but also its location in the room. This time the position of the bed is made according to the person’s character. A person who exhibits insurance puts his bed in the middle of the room, while a timid person glues the bed to the wall, paying attention to the window instead. It can paste the headboard if possible to a bedroom wall.

You will therefore understand, to sleep well we must move towards the North or the Northeast if you have trouble finding the North. But also must arrange your room as we have said above, that is to say, think about choose the color of the room, avoid excessive decorations and avoid electrical appliances at best. I remind you that the position of the bed depends on your personality. Before making your room and arrange it made very careful because this is where you will live the majority of your time. The bedroom should be a space where you feel better because after all it must be your little cozy place!

Place the bed in the room: beware of “bad vibes”

“Sleeping head to the north is deemed to promote sleep: include this provision in distant lands,” recalls Alberto Eiguer, psychiatrist and author of psychoanalysts. On its side, the architect and Geobiologist Yannick David, a specialist in Feng Shui, said it would first consider the current underground water and other waves related to electric and magnetic fields circulating in the environment of the house.

Then he suggests building on some basic principles of Feng Shui philosophy. “Better to avoid passage of evacuation just behind the bed, proximity to electrical devices plugged, the mattress on the floor, the bed facing a door or in a window, the lamp hanging above the bed, mirror opposite the bed or table or shelves above the bed head, “he said.

To sleep well, bet on the Zen monastic room

The idea is to make room built on Zen or monastic room. “The room is primarily a place of rest. It must be the quietest room of the house,” says Yannick David. Also recommended that one will not see the bed when you open the bedroom door,” and create “a balance of each side of the bed.” Opinion shared by Alberto Eiguer “place the bed in relation to the movement in the room is essential. Each spouse should get into bed and out with ease.” He writes in his book. In other words: If lack of space, we lean against one side of the bed to the wall, one of both partners will be more difficult to access than the other. A situation which sometimes reflects “the predominance of one over the other,” observes the still shrink.


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