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An essential oil diffuser isn’t only something electronic; you can wear them as well and this is in form of a bracelet. You can either buy one or make your own because it is possible. If you want to put your own touches to it so that it will not be like any other, go ahead. Remember that when you make something, you can do whatever you want. It is very easy to make and you can even involve your kids so that they will have fun with it as well. You always don’t have to buy an electronic diffuser because creativity will allow you to make something unique. But if needed, you also can find a best essential oil diffuser at Recreation Space.

What you will need

  • Terra-cotta or air dry clay. You can also use white clay for this.
  • Small stamps for decorating.
  • Toothpick/s.
  • You need craft glue.
  • Craft beads for a more attractive look.
  • Jewelry cord or cord make of leather.
  • Essential oils of your choice.
  • Memory coil.
  • For the jewelry, you will need needle-nose pliers.
  • Paper made of wax material.
  • Wire cutters.

Take a pinch of clay and make a ball out of it. The size should be the same as the beads that you are going to use. Then take a toothpick or a wooden skewer and push it through the center of the bead to make a hole. If you want to make it look a little different, press the bead gently to add a little personal touch to it. You can use alphabet letters if you want to put your initials to the beads. When you are already satisfied, leave the beads to dry for 1 to 2 days.

Get the measurement of your wrist of it’s for someone else, make an accurate estimate of how big their wrist is. After doing this, take the wire cutters and use it to trim a piece of coil that you will use for your bracelet. Make a little allowance because when the beads have been inserted, the circumference of the inner side of the bracelet is reduced. Take the pliers and use it to grab both ends of the memory coil and then curl the memory coil into a circle.

String the beads and add the clay beads you made. When you have added all of the beads to the bracelet, use the pliers again to make a hook that will go through the loop. If you want an almost perfect bracelet, bend the wire down towards table so that the loop will slide through the loop naturally.

When you are finished making the bracelet, you will notice that the thickness of the wire contributes to making the beads stay in place while you wear them. Although, there is a tendency for them to spin a little bit while on your wrist.  If you are bothered by this, use the glue to keep them in their current position. Place a small dab of glue in between the beads so they will hold together as one. This will also keep the beads from moving around when worn. You can use regular white glue, but craft glue will work better and it is stronger. Superglue will also work if you want something sticker. Just be careful not to touch the superglue because it can be very hard to wash and can be slightly painful.

Do not let the bracelet to touch water because the glue will get washed off.

How to use the bracelet

Before applying essential oil to the bracelet, make sure to dilute it first with carrier oil so it won’t be too potent because it can cause skin irritation. You can use lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus oil for the best scents. Carrier oils are olive oil, almond oil, and others that are considered mild. They are base oils and should always be mixed with an essential oil. They do not jeopardize the components of the essential oil and you will still get them 100% pure. You only have to put a drop of essential oil to 1-3 beads and make sure that it is not touching the skin. Lavender can cause a minor burn if it touches your skin which is carrier oils are ideal.

Another thing you can do is by putting a drop of essential to a small plate and dip one side of the bead in it. When the scent starts to fade, just do the same process again. There are essential oils that have a longer staying power compared to others so it also depends on the type of essential oil you use.

Follow these steps to make your own diffuser bracelet. You can add your own design to make it more personal and if it is for a gift, determine what you can do to make the bracelet extra special for them.


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