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It is important to know how to care for your dog. To help you with this we have a lot of information brought together about caring for your dog and its fur. Especially when your dog has fleas, give him the best flea treatment for dogs


Give your dog a bath

Previously, dogs were given a bath twice a year. And that was quite a struggle to master dog. Today there are dog shampoos that do not meet all the natural oils from the coat. If you are well prepared, it can be great fun for the dog and for you to give him a bath.

Baths do not regularly occur. But if your dog into something nasty has been rolling and walking around with an unpleasant odor and is steeped in the mud, it’s time to give him a bath.

Start by brushing

If your dog is not too wet you can get the knots out the best look by brushing him – with water make worse the knots. Allow plenty of lukewarm water in the tub running the water up to the knees of the dog comes – or turn on the shower to a comfortable temperature. A mat is also very convenient.

Wash your dog

Lift your dog now in the bathtub, praise him profusely and continually encourage him. Hold it in place with one hand and spoon with the other water over his coat. You can also use the shower nozzle, by holding it close to the skin so that the dog is not nervous. Apply shampoo and work that quietly and carefully through the entire coat. With a soft brush, you can easily get between the toes. For the cup you use a sponge – watch out that no soap gets in their eyes.

Rinse well with clean lukewarm water so that there remains no shampoo.

Dry your dog

Then squeeze the water out of the coat before you dry with a few towels. Remember, what you do not dry them, your dog there shakes! You may also want to use a hair dryer, but put him at a very low temperature and blow your dog out of his face.

One last tip: Make sure the ears are completely dry, bacteria nestle like in wet ears. Price your dog than exuberant, give him a treat and then cross your fingers that he did not immediately again dive into the mud!

coat care

Trimming and grooming the fur of your dog or puppy

It is a good idea of trimming and grooming the fur of your dog or puppy to a recurring routine. It’s a wonderful way to bond with your dog and take good care of their fur.

Because your dog or puppy to daily brushing you remove dead hair, dirt and any parasites that your dog has picked up in the exhausts. Choose a brush that matches the coat and the size of your dog.

When cleaning you immediately inspect the occasion nails, eyes, ears, and teeth.

Cutting nails

If your dog frequently on a hard surface such as pavement runs his nails are usually not as long. If not, they need to be trimmed regularly to walk tasty. Ask your veterinarian or groomer how to do that.

Eyes and ears

The eyes and ears of your dog should always be clean. You can look gently around the eyes with a moist cotton swab. Do the same with the ears, but do not go too deep. The ears are very sensitive.

Teeth and gums

It can be difficult to keep the teeth and gums of your dog – how to brush the teeth of your dog can be found in the section on dental care. And dental and gum problems can also help avoid in daily Pedigree DentaStix, which has been clinically proven that your dog has therefore 80% less from tartar from about six months.

Trimming dogs

Wire-haired dogs such as terriers and poodles should be cut every six to eight weeks.Dogs with a silky coat like cocker spaniels be cut every three months. But every kind of dog is different so ask your breeder, veterinarian or groomer if you are unsure.

Hope you find useful information for the care for your dog!


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