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I regularly get questions correctly via email about the sewing machines and sewing machine which you can buy the best if you want to start sewing. But that is frankly a rather personal choice!

Here are some tips from me, where you may have some if you want to buy a sewing machine. These are guidelines, things that I find important, but that can vary per person.Find the best sewing machines for beginners  through this article.

Content of the article:

  • A decent machine
  • What brands are good sewing machine?
  • Electronic or mechanical?

A decent machine

Are you seriously looking for a good sewing machine then I would advise: buy a sound machine! There are regular deals at drugstores or department stores for sewing machines under 100 euros. It is very tempting, of course! But my opinion is that these are not reliable machines. You might like sometimes to sew, make some simple things, just go straight forward and opt for one of higher quality because nothing is more frustrating than when you want to make a more complicated drawing and your sewing machine can not handle it becauseit is two years old and it vibrates hard!

No, you had better go to a good machine shop and let you be advised there. Think in advance what you want to do with your sewing machine: sewing clothes or repair, make bags, quilting, sewing thick layers of dust or not? Often sewing or just occasionally? And what is your budget? Leave it to the sewing machine dealer and he or she will help you further.

In general, the heavier / solid sewing machines are more expensive, but probably they also are somewhat better! Some more benefits of a sewing machine shop are that you can always go back with questions or problems, or you may have a lesson on the machine you have in mind.

What brands are good sewing machine?

There are many different sewing machine brands, all of which also offer another different models in different price categories. What a great stress! But what are really good brands? That is very personal. I sew myself for years with a lot of satisfaction on a Pfaff Classic Style 1523 – a decent machine (not computer-controlled), with top feed for the substance. I can do everything I want: sewing bags, clothes, making quilts and sewing. For me, it is a good machine so!

But I do not want to advertise a single sewing machine and of course there are more brands that are just very good, like Bernina, Brother, Janome, etc. For all the marks: the more expensive the machine, the heavier engine and the robust and better is the sewing.

Usually, it is also true that a machine becomes more expensive as more features are on or when the computer is electronically controlled. Think in advance before you buy a sewing machine carefully what features you need. All sewing machines have useful standard-stabbing: straight stitch, zigzag stitch, buttonhole function, stretch stitch and some decorative stitching. These are stabbing you probably use most often. Additional decorative embroidery stabbing is certainly nice, but not necessary.

Electronic or mechanical?

My sewing machine is mechanical, which means that I have the stabbing and other functions must be set manually (and what does not mean that my machine does not work on electricity). So I have to turn the wheels to stitch length, zigzag width, thread tension, setting etc. I find no problem and I am used to, it goes almost automatically!

There are also electronic (or computer-controlled) sewing machines, where you can automatically set all functions with the push of a button. These sewing machines have a screen showing the settings. Choose a stitch, than standard stitch length and width are set equal. And a buttonhole is sewn automatically at once instead of that you have to set in four steps.

The choice is mechanical or electronic personal, check out what makes you feel happy or convenient! But keep in mind that an electronic sewing machine is often more expensive, even if something needs to be repaired.

I hope that you will find this information useful and that it will make your choice easier. Good luck and have fun with choosing your sewing machine!



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