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In the first few months, your baby really needs your tender arms to calm and soothe. Yet, like all mothers in the world, you can not be next to him at every moment. Therefore, you need a baby equipment that is suited to keep your new baby safe. When your baby is awake, the baby swing favors quiet moments necessary for balance. In fact, the swing combination of functions that will make it essential to the welfare of the whole family. Let’s talk more in detail, the baby swing which is not the first swing.

Comparison of the use of some brands and will help you decide

In this section, we will describe some features and prices of some popular models:

Cosco – Sway’n Play Swing High Gate – This swing or swing is very easy to store and carry wherever necessary so that can be folded and used batteries. It plays classical music cradle and the seat is reclining. On the other hand, some people who have used it say that there is very strong and almost no rocking the baby, besides having a seat belt only 3 points, it would be better idea to try it in the store before you buy or better buy another brand or model. Price: You can find the swing Cosco Sway ‘n Play for approximately $ 59.50.

baby swing reviews – This swing has music, lights, and toys to entertain your baby . You not have the option to rest more, but is already reclined enough even for a newborn baby to use.

Swing Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo can rock forward and backward or side to side, parents decide what entertainment you receive your baby.

Also, although this swing is not easy to move from side to side for its size, it offers the option to use batteries or electricity. Additionally, your seatbelt is 3 points.


Avec mellow sound reception, create a cocoon swing open to the world of your baby. The regular swing reminds the baby of his uterine bubble and your movements: he likes to be lulled and your swing will take care of it. Rhythm as to the mechanical balance system are measured and the weight of the child, thus eliminating any risk. Sweet melodies promote a reassuring atmosphere to lull the baby too. Some models have a remote control or a timer to avoid disturbing your child comfortably. Finally, the swing is used both to relax and soothe the babies. This relaxation will often make him fall asleep …

Tips when choosing a swing for your baby

A swing or baby swing can be very useful for a mother of a newborn baby because it is a safe place where you can place while you find a few minutes to eat something or take a shower while having your son nearby. It can also help distract or calm the baby with rhythmic movements, thus giving a small break. What is important that you choose one that will meet the needs of your baby and you. So we bring the qualities that a good swing must have:

5 points safety belt

Although a 3 points safety belt (which only grip the waist) is also helpful, you will be much calmer if your baby is fully insured with one that has 5 points. This type of seat belts also ensures safety for the top of the baby’s body if you get to run to somewhere else.

The battery or electric baby swing

Many swings work only with cells or batteries which make them very easy to carry from one place to another . However, this would be an expense because the batteries in these big toys do not last long and also cost a lot. Ideally, the swing or baby swing has two options so that it is more convenient and economical.

Movements, lights, and sounds

The more you can control what the swing does, the better, because if the baby likes the lights and games but hates the movements, then you could turn off the movements as the game continues. Or if you are going to use for the baby to relax and maybe sleep, then it may be better to use it without games and just rocking. It all depends on each baby, so it is best to have several options


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