Maintain inside a car is a welfare case and that is why the big brands that produce appliances designed best car vacuum cleaners. Exactly, if you want to suck yourself with an upright vacuum cleaner, here are some tips to help you.

Start with seats

Whether in fabric, leather or plastic coated, always start with the seat in your car. To do this, go for the long nozzle to nozzle plate in order to access all the spaces between the seats as well as under plastic coatings.

Above all, do not forget anything and if necessary, do not hesitate to change the head of the vacuum cleaner brush to clean fabric. Of course, for this, it will take your upright vacuum cleaner is a handheld vacuum cleaner option or it has the right accessories, at least.

In all cases, always start with the seats of the car; it will motivate you a lot.

Remember the dashboard, doors and storage bins

Before starting this step, empty the doors and storage bins. Then, start your vacuum brush with a
flat nose or a long or car vacuum cleaner nozzle, start sucking dirt on the dashboard, in the doors and finally attack the storage bins.

Once you have completed this step, it will be easier to clean these surfaces with detergents designed for this purpose to get rid of bacteria and allergens. You will notice that the vacuuming greatly facilitates the final cleaning with detergent.

Finish with the car’s carpet

Finish cleaning the interior of your car with the carpet is simply logical and clever. Indeed, cleaning the seats and various storage compartments, it is quite possible that various residues fall to the ground.

For this, you do not need to change the head of your vacuum cleaner brush; its usual head will do nicely.

On the head of your auto vacuum cleaner, there is nothing to change, because this device has been designed for the car. It’ll suck the carpet of your car to the deep clean.

To clean your car, you can use your broom and all accessories of the vacuum cleaner, but you can also use a car vacuum cleaner. In both cases, our tips will help you definitely.

Suck your car: the upright vacuum cleaner is recommended?

It has been proven that the car is difficult to clean if you do not have the right equipment. Precisely, there are vacuums created especially for cars that are simply called: car vacuum cleaners. However, in the absence of car vacuum cleaner, can the upright vacuum cleaner do the trick?

Update on the car vacuum cleaner

The car vacuum cleaner, as the name suggests is an all designed vacuum cleaner to clean the inside of a car.

Therefore, it is portable, must be easy to handle, must have a good autonomy and must also have a tank of a certain capacity. Similarly, a good car vacuum cleaner should be plugged into the cigarette lighter and have a beak that allows it to reach difficult corners.

This type of vacuum cleaner is indispensable for the car to be a healthy place for all passengers and the market offers a wide range. In addition, there are several cleaning accessories accompanying the car vacuum cleaner.

Can I use the vacuum cleaner broom to my car?

As you already know, the upright vacuum is the ingenious combination of brush and vacuum cleaner. Therefore, it is a good compact, convenient, easy to use and maintain, but mostly it is an impressive efficiency unit.

Some brush cleaners are even equipped with accessories such as brushes, hand vacuums or sucking long to clean the furniture and also cars. You’ll understand the upright vacuum cleaner is not only used to clean the floors.

Thus, you can rely on your vacuum cleaner brush to thoroughly clean all areas difficult to access the inside of your vehicle.

How to choose a vacuum cleaner brush – car?

Now that you know a broom vacuum can suck your car as well as can make a fully dedicated to car vacuum cleaner, it is now a matter of choice.

However, use a car vacuum cleaner if you often move and you do not have time to do a thorough cleaning of your car. A fast and smooth passage of the car vacuum could then maintain cleanliness inside your car, especially since it allows being as a cigarette lighter to work if the battery is empty.



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