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In summer, however, all we ran away from the sun except to get dark, and if we do not want our beloved terrace becomes an outdoor oven must learn how to get a good shade and thus enjoy the cool breeze under its shelter.

Now I’ll try to do a little review of all decorative alternatives we have to achieve a fresh and pleasant shade without compromising neither the space nor the design of our terrace nor toil away a fortune. One of the best solutions for this is the cheap popup canopies for sale

The orientation

Yes, friends, the first thing you need to know when to get shade is the direction of the garden. Because it serves to put an awning or umbrella if you then will shade the neighbor and not to us.

An east-facing terrace receives a very steep and warm morning sun; a south-facing terrace receives an intense and vertical sun at midday and west facing powerful one and inclined afternoon.

My favorite is the east-facing, such as my father’s house, as the morning sun is breathtaking and from noon the house itself provides shade and shelter to spare, so you do not need to buy anything terrace, if perhaps a little tilt umbrella just some morning sun too tight.

The north-facing sun terraces not receive more than first thing in the morning and late afternoon and are only recommended in boiling places where you want always to be in the shade.

It is important to take into account both the orientation when buying your house as when purchasing the necessary accessories for shade. As I speak to them, I will mention what kind of direction and sun are most suitable.


It is the necessary accessory to provide shade. They are cheap. There are all sorts and designs to suit any need. Yes, except that we buy enormous and cumbersome, the amount of shade they give is limited.

In my opinion, they are perfect for those who do not seek shade all day but only for moments and specific areas; as for breakfast, lunch, nap

The idea is to buy one that has an adjustable arm height and tilt, and so can protect against the sun in the morning or afternoon, which is very much side- down and tilting the umbrella.

If you decide to install it on the table during the summer, do not forget this good idea: a base for your umbrella.


You could say they are the older brothers of the umbrellas. They are large and offer a shadow according to its size. The problem is that often also expensive and often need a professional to install us. They also hold enough space, especially visual, and it’s not easy tie-in decoration.

Inside the tents, we can distinguish between fixed awnings, which can be folded and unfolded but not remove, and temporary awnings that can be mounted only in summer or for any particular occasion.

They are highly recommended for south facing terraces, as well protect the vertical sun of midday hours, also boiling, so its ample shade protects us die scorched.

For the morning sun and afternoon are less useful. There are many models that can be tipped, but then the space under them is minuscule. Ideas are those who go on rails and can extend the awning on the vertical part, but these structures are expensive and visually unattractive.

Pergolas and vines

It is a solution rather than shade, giving sun and shade, as though in our pergola grows a leafy vine as a vine or a bougainvillea there will always be some other ray of sun strain although it does not have to be bad.

Among the advantages include that plants not only protect from the sun but cool atmosphere and scent with its pleasant aroma (and if we planted a jasmine bush, and long story). The downside is that it is not something you can get a day in the morning, most vines take their time to entangle, redundant, besides that require a lot more care than an awning fabric.

Another advantage provided by this solution is that, in winter, plants have many fewer leaves and let in more sun than in summer. If also we grow plants on the sides, these offer us protection from the sun and filtered afternoon and freshen the air as well.


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