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Are you looking for the best pillow for the best night sleep. The pillow is a fundamental part of your daily rest, so we want to help you choose the perfect pillow for you. Here we give you some tips that we believe will be useful.

In your choice, keep in mind that a bad pillow can cause some problems: neck pain, back, neck, shoulders, discomfort in general. So a bad pillow can make you wake up with the feeling of being more tired than when you went to bed and the day is not all good it should.

What we look for in a pillow?

On a pillow, especially seek comfort, the more comfortable you are, the easier it is to sleep and therefore have the feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. The bamboo memory foam pillow is highly recommended

We know that everyone is different, and each has a different habitat bedtime so, the first thing to consider is the posture you adopt while you sleep. The pillow should have adequate strength to keep the spine aligned and head.

How to choose your ideal pillow according to the sleep posture

A few months ago we talked about what were the best and worst sleeping position. But to rest properly, we can not forget that to have proper posture our pillow is equally important. Today we explain how to choose our ideal way to get a good rest pad.

We recall that a perfect rest position is one in which our back is aligned, so that respects its natural curves: do not create an excessive lordosis (as often happens when we sleep face down) or are completely flat, but the four curves column is in their natural position.

On this basis, the first thing to do is be aware of the position we take to sleep: your back? ¿Upside down? Do we move all night? Once we know this, we choose the pillow that best suits will be much easier.

If we slept upside down: the worst of the positions we take, but there are people who sleep well. In this case, the pillow should be soft and thin to prevent hyperextension of the neck; even when most people sleep on your stomach, usually he does hugging pillow arms or passing underneath. Then it is advisable to use a flat pillow firmness. The most desirable are those of feathers or fiber.

If we sleep side: this is the best option, in this case, the pad should be thick and firm to keep the distance from the ear to the shoulder and avoid excessive inclination. In this convenient serious position on a pillow with high firmness. You can choose between a high-density memory foam pillow or cushion latex.

If we sleep on your back and moving: the pillow should be of medium firmness and hardness. We must avoid being too high to avoid creating excessive cervical flexion. It is important if you sleep in this position to choose a pillow that does not force the neck in front, for it seeks a pillow density or medium firmness. The most desirable are the viscoelastic for their adaptability to the neck and shoulders as they do not exert pressure.

In addition to the hardness and firmness of the pillow, we must also consider the material it is made: the pillows memory foam and latex are usually a little more expensive than traditional fiber but provide greater comfort as they adapt to the way our neck and head. It is worth investing some money if we are to improve our rest.


We understand that today the price is critical in the family economy, but we suggest if you do not be influenced by the lower price, he thinks a good pillow is an investment in time and especially in health. Also, today we have very competitive prices on high-quality pillows.

In many stores, there is a wide variety of pads within each type. If you have any questions or want a little guidance, we will be happy to assist you in one of our stores.

That is all you need to know about the choice of pillow. Hope you find usefull information. For more information, visit http://www.bedtimefriends.com/


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