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Pillow filling and how to wash it

Since the pillow has been associated with a large down square, it has experienced a real revolution, both in shape and in filling. Before we choose our ideal model, it is worthwhile to take the current trends cushion to the following.

The cushion is very important. A well-matched pillow helps us to have a deep sleep so that our spine exploited optimally for recovery time. Here are the most common fillings for a pillow and how to wash it.

Thermo-elastic cushion

This cushion is made of thermoelastic foam and tailored. It adapts to our body shape by perfectly supporting the spine during sleep. And all of this thanks to the characteristics of the foam, which will be softened in some places by the influence of the body temperature, adapting to our way of sleeping. After getting up, it resumes its original shape. But these are not all their advantages. A big plus of the pillow is the type of profiling, which ensures optimal support of the cervical vertebrae. “I no longer wake up in the morning with a headache” – this requirement of its users come true.

Latex pillows

It not only adapts fully well to the head shape but also are breathable by means of air ducts, which ensure good air circulation. What does it mean in practice? If you sleep on such a pillow, even on an oppressively hot day, you have no chance to sweat. The bacteria have a limited possibility to develop, which makes it particularly suitable for allergy sufferers. For the most demanding customers, we offer traditional and profiled cushions Smart latex that is the combination of both the merits of thermo-elastic foam and latex. For these advantages, you can also opt for a bamboo memory foam pillow.


Gel cushion

An absolute novelty on the market, developed based on unique technology. It combines the advantages of the latex and special gel. The gel ensures the equal pressure distribution across the surface of the pad, whereby the sleep time is enriched by an additional relax dose.

Down – the tradition filling

There are many offers for people who prefer traditional pillows made of natural down. You can choose from the cushions filled with 4-tubular fibers, or synthetic downs in the form of small balls that relax additionally. Both products have an effect against bacteria, fungi and mold on, so it has proved itself to be the right in the bedroom of the people who are prone to allergies.

The cushion cover can not be chosen by personal reference

The properties of the cushions are enhanced by the special remuneration. They are washable at temperatures of up to 60 degrees Celsius. In the standard version, it is a jersey cover. It is worthwhile, however, to buy a second one to change. It would be best if it were characterized by additional benefits, for example, the moisture absorbs and dissipates properties. The Ecosphere-Tencel reference helps maintain a constant body temperature. The Sun solution model, which can be washed without fear at the temperature of up to 95 degrees, is extremely hygienic, robust against shrinkage. Medicott Silverguard and Silver protect which were sewed with the idea of the allergy sufferers because they fully adapted to the natural bacterial flora of humans. It is also worthwhile to draw attention to the reference stress-free and aloe vera. The first cover is made of the fabric, which removes electrical charges collected by the body, the second cover contains an aloe extract, which is also referred to as “youth source.”

Wash head pillows – This is how you do it!

Head pillows should be washed regularly

The is no object in your home that you are daily as intimate as your head pillow. Therefore, it also very quickly collects sweat, dirt and dead skin cells. This can not only lead to unpleasant odors but also encourages the spread of dust mites. It is, therefore, important that you regularly clean your head pillow. However, a transition in the expensive cleaning is not necessary, since most of the pillows can be easily washed.

Every pillow is different from each other, and depending on the filling material there are a few differences to be observed when washing. First of all, you should, therefore, have a look at the washing label of your cushion throw. You will not only find information about the material, but also the washing temperature and other care instructions. After the cushion cover is damage. Even a small hole can cause filling material from the cushion to get into the washing drum during the washing process. Removing this afterward is rather tedious. To avoid this, you can put your pillow in s washing laundry bag before washing.

Wash the pillow with artificial fiber filling

Many pillow fillings nowadays consist of modern artificial fibers. This cushioning material ensures that the pillows are particularly bulky and remain the same shape. These features make the pillow very comfortable but in the washing machine, there are slightly disadvantageous since these fibers can absorb a lot of water. Therefore you should always wash only one pillow at a time. In addition, you should choose a wash program, which is characterized by an increased amount of water. The ideal is the wool program or a special hand wash program.

Correspondingly, suitable wool detergent or liquid light-duty detergents are best for pillows with synthetic fill. With softener, you should renounce it. This can cause the fibers to clutter unpleasantly, and the cushion no longer regains its old shape after drying.


Wash the down pillows

Pillows with the feather or down fill can easily be cleaned in your home washing machine. In fact, downs can withstand even higher temperatures than most synthetic fibers and can be washed at up to 60 ° C. Also, here you can get the best results with wool or fine detergent. However, you can choose a regular wash program.

To prevent the springs clump during the washing process, you should put a tennis ball in the washing drum insert before washing. This ensures that the springs are constantly shaken thoroughly and can not get caught.

Washing is followed by drying

Lastly, which is as important as the thorough cleaning is the correct drying of your pillow. After all, you want to sleep well in the future. As during washing, there is also the risk that the filling may become clogged and that the pillow becomes unsightly and misshapen.

A dryer is ideal for cushions with artificial fiber filling as well as for down cushions. This dries the filling evenly and shakes the pillow simultaneously by the continuous movement. Loose cuddles are particularly loose when you put a tennis ball into the drier drum.

You can also easily air dry a pillow with synthetic fill, but with down pillows, a dryer is essential. If you do not own one or your pillows are too big for the domestic appliances, the walk into a wash-house is a worthwhile alternative. The local washing machines and tumble dryers are usually very large so that oversize pillows can be in no time fresh and clean. For more about your sleeping buddies, visit www.bedtimefriends.com.


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